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  •  VertiPod® Hex:


Introducing the all-new, ALL-ELECTRIC VertiPod®. To be released as an all-electric, heavy-lift, human-carry-capable Hexacopter, the VertiPod® Hex will accommodate payload/pilot weights of up to 300 lbs and the option to fly manned or unmanned as a heavy-lift drone.



  • VertiPod® propulsion systems:

ThrustStick: The new ThrustStick, to be released soon, is a personal, wearable or mountable electric jet, which will help you propel yourself on ground, water, or in the air as a supplemental thrust source. Fully rechargeable and modular, you can rig multiple ThrustSticks to whatever your imagination propels you.


  • BD-28 Kit Manufacturing:

In cooperation with Bede Aircraft Corp., AirBuoyant is managing the manufacture of the newly-designed BD-28. With its all-aluminum frame and aluminum-honeycomb cockpit, the very lightweight BD-28 LSA aircraft will be a cost-effective performer for the Light Sport market.


  • HyperBlade wind turbine:

The Patent for the HyperBlade Coaxial wind turbine was granted on March 4, 2014, and we are working with the local Anderson community to set up a mini wind-farm to power a new facility which will be opened in 2016. AirBuoyant is looking to license the technology out to partners interested in creating 30% more power for the same footprint of standard horizontal wind turbines, at the same cost of implementation.


  • Anderson Innovation Center:

Instead of building a new facility at the Anderson Airport, Pete Bitar, CEO of AirBuoyant, bought out the old Anderson Tool and Engineering building on 53rd St., and started the Anderson Innovation Center which houses AirBuoyant, XADS and other Bitar-owned companies, as well as 7 other clients. The full CNC and soon-to-be-added 3D Additive Manufacturing capabilities of the AIC are unparalleled in this part of our State, and give AirBuoyant the use of the best manufacturing technology we can offer our customers.


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