AirBuoyant seeks to provide affordable, cutting edge, and real solutions to your personal flight and hovercraft needs. 

The JetKart is a new Jet-Powered go-cart for recreational use. AirBuoyant envisions a new sport of low-acceleration, reasonably high-speed "drag racing" as an alternative to circle-track, piston-powered go-cart racing. For the individual buyer, the price per unit will be around $10,000.

The VertiPod Flying Platform is being developed for private and military use, with the VP2 being the latest, flight-ready rendition of this technology. The VP3 HopCopter is ready for minimal flight testing as a potential heavy-lift UAV for various civilian and military applications. Additionally, the all-electric VertiPod Electric is now patent-pending, and will be developed as resources become available.

AirBuoyant is also developing novel wind-turbine technology, and has successfully filed patents for the “HyperBlade” system. We have completed work on the novel gearbox the HyperBlade will use, and are excited to be in discussions with multiple, major players in the wind industry regarding licensing. 


Novel technologies, exciting prospects, achievable goals.
AirBuoyant: Innovation in Flight.

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