Introducing the all-new, ALL-ELECTRIC VertiPod®. To be released as an all-electric, heavy-lift, human-carry-capable Hexacopter, the VertiPod® Hex will accommodate payload/pilot weights of up to 300 lbs and the option to fly manned or unmanned as a heavy-lift drone.


Empty weight is 123 lbs. It is self-stabilizing, and can be altitude limited and speed-limited, to ensure maximum safety. Depending on pilot/payload weight, the battery packs are expandable. Current flight times are under 12 minutes with light payloads, but with additional packs or lighter loads, that can be expanded.


VertiPod can be used for anything from Search and Rescue, to heavy cameras for Hollywood-type filming, to Agricultural applications, to Construction and Industrial applications, moving heavy objects up to rooftops or to towers without the need to rent a crane or helicopter. VertiPod will help make and save you money in business.


VertiPod® Hex mid-sized payload test in 20 mph wind




We are currently accepting deposits for “BETA EXPERIMENTER KITS”. The price per kit with basic battery pack is $23,950.00 USD. Deposits of $950 per unit can be accepted upon acceptance of application to our Beta program, and then ½ down payment ($11,500) when your production slot is ready to start, with a final payment of $11,500 upon shipping.


We are also launching a Kickstarter campaign and offering our investors of $99 or more a free VertiPod flight simulator program as a gift, that will help you start getting the feel for what it’s like to fly the VertiPod.


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